Jing Lu

Australian Rivers Institute/Griffith School of Environment


Room 2.02A/ Building N13 (Environment 2),
Nathan Campus / Griffith University / 170 Kessels Road
Brisbane, Nathan QLD 4111,

Tel: + 61 7 373 57711+ 61 7 373 57711+ 61 7 373 57711+ 61 7 373 57711

Email: jing.lu3@griffithuni.edu.au

PhD, Wetland Ecology, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Wuhan, China, 2013

BSc, Ecology, Agricultural University of Hebei. Hebei, China, 2008. 

Research interests:

I am a PhD student at Griffith University, and associated with Australian Rivers Institute. I have a PhD degree of wetland ecology from Chinese Academy of Sciences in  China. My research mainly focuses on the role of macrophytes in improving the water quality in eutrophic lakes and reservoirs.

In my last project, my research involved the restoration of submerged macrophytes in a degraded lake ecosystem (Lake Dianchi in China), which consists of two aspects: (1) based on the knowledge of excessive nutrient loading may cause a shift from submerged macrophytes dominance to free-floating macrophyte dominance or phytoplankton dominance, I investigated how and to what extent the free-floating plants and phytoplankton may influence the survival of submerged macrophytes under different nutrient levels of both overlying water and sediments; (2) I also assessed the potential of and developed an appropriate technique for recolonizing submerged macrophytes at sites where it had been completely lost in eutrophic shallow lakes.

My new PhD project in Griffith University will assess the effectiveness of macrophytes in improving water quality in drinking water reservoirs of south-east Queensland. It will involve an assessment of the types and scale of macrophyte growth in reservoirs. Experiments would be done to measure the fate of nutrients from dead macrophytes as a result of water level drawdown or weed control, and the flow-on effects on water quality, as well as the tolerance of different macrophytes to water level drawdown. In this project, Bayesian Belief Networks will also be used to predict the implications of water level drawdown on changes of water quality in reservoirs and to facilitate water management in reservoirs.


·  Lu J., Wang ZX., Xing W., Liu GH. 2013. Effects of substrate and shading on the growth of two submerged macrophytes. Hydrobiology, 700(1): 157-167

·  Lu J., Wang HB., Pan M., Xia J., Xing W., Liu GH. 2012. Using sediment seed banks and historical vegetation change data to develop restoration criteria for a eutrophic lake in China. Ecological Engineering, 39, 95-103.