Ann Chuang

Australian Rivers Institute - Griffith School of Environment
Griffith University
Nathan, Qld 4111, Australia


‚Äč+61 7 373 56507

Bio & Research Interests 

I have been working as a research assistant for more than 5 years in Australian Rivers Institute.  My background is in freshwater phytoplankton taxonomy and microbiology.

I enjoy looking at the beautiful patterns of algae under the microscope and going through the taxonomic books to find out what they are.  I am also specialised in algal isolation and purifications using different microbiologic techniques.   

I have been working on Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii since my honour study and have been involved in different projects looking at its morphological, physiological, and molecular properties of this toxic cyanobacteria.  

I would like to work with more different algal species in the future and understand their ecological dynamic with in the reservoirs.